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MYO and sustainability

Yarn producer Lankava

At MYO, we buy all yarns from Lankava, a yarn producer from Ostrobothnia in Finland. It is a company that was founded as early as 1925 and where Lyyli Karppinen was in the lead together with three other women and they produced high quality fabric and beautiful colors. Today it is run by Lyylis relatives and you create as beautifully and with the quality that Lyylis once did.

Lankava produces yarns from all sorts of different materials, such as linen, cotton, bamboo, mohair, alpaca and traditional sheep wool.



Yarn & durability

The yarn types MYO uses are made from recycled cotton and that yarn is used for the products; "Laptop Case", "Flower Pot", "The Basket" and "Macramé Ampel". For the product "Cleaning Cloth" a bamboo yarn with a mix of bamboo and cotton is used instead.
Both types of yarn used are made of durable and eco-friendly materials, which is a very important point for us at MYO and also for our customers to be able to create with good and kind materials.
Since the yarns are made from recycled / sustainably produced material, color shades can vary slightly between orders, but what you can know for sure is that the shades are always natural and "earthy".

When it comes to other materials used for the products (crochet hooks, rings, bags, etc.), MYO has a good idea for the planet and tries as much as possible to use natural materials, such as wood instead of plastic.

In addition to working at MYO to have as environmentally friendly products and materials as possible, it is also something that makes customers' lives more sustainable by choosing to create their own products. Because they are durable, of high quality and machine washable, it is a guarantee that they are created to last a long time and to avoid buying certain disposable products. If you create your own products, it is also more common to be more careful with them.