How the EKO yarns are manufactured

How the EKO yarns are manufactured

In December 2022, we visited the factory that manufactures the EKO yarns (which we sell here in our webshop). We learned a lot and would love to share more about that process with you, so below you can read more facts about how the manufacturing process works!

How leftovers from clothing factories become yarn

If you look carefully at the EKO yarns, you will see that these have been made from "small yarns" that have been knitted together with a machine. Depending on what kind of yarn it is, the knitting will be different, but the basic material is always the same. This yarn comes from a factory in Italy that collects leftovers from clothing production all over the world and turns this large textile mass into yarn.

The yarn gets its color when the mass is mixed together

The yarn gets its color already when the textile mass is mixed together, before it is made into yarn. In this way, the process does not require any staining afterwards. The raw material is also certified with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate, which means that it has been tested and must not contain chemicals that are dangerous for the environment, people or animals.

The rolls arrive at the factory

The yarn rolls that arrive at the factory weigh about 10kg each and are therefore the rolls that are then woven / knitted together into finished macrame and crochet yarn.

The machine knits the yarn together

The machines that create the EKO yarns consist of small needles, similar to crochet hooks, which knit the yarn together. The process and machines look a little different for different types of yarn. In this picture, EKO Medium is manufactured.

The finished yarn

The finished yarn is gathered into large rolls, which are then again made to the correct size. The yarn comes to us directly from the factory, and is distributed from our warehouse in Bengtsfors.

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