About us

Modern handicrafts for everyone

MYO Make Your Own was started in the spring of 2020 with a simple idea; to make crafts sustainable and more accessible to anyone who wants to learn to create. MYO comes from the Swedish mountains, from a small village called Åre.

Behind MYO: Oona von Zweygbergk & Salli Skött

Through MYO's concept, we want to share the joy of creation by taking the entire craft industry in a direction that better meets those who do not know how to get started with creation.

We also put our focus on sustainability, something that the "toy industry" traditionally doesn't seem to have thought much about.

The logic is simple; by creating yourself, from sustainable / recycled materials, you avoid burdening the environment with new products, produced from new materials.

We make "DIY kits" from MYO as simple & beginner-friendly as we can.

We create the design and instructions either ourselves or in collaboration with our friends, and the instructions are photographed and filmed with high quality. We have noticed ourselves, when we have learned to crochet or knit new patterns, that video works very well for learning - but only if the material you hold in your hand is the same as in the video. 

That's why we have instructional videos for all MYO's products on our YouTube channel.

Each Make Your Own kit includes:

Carefully selected yarn for each product

Well written instructions with high quality pictures

Well-made online video instructions with accompanying step-by-step instructions for your particular project.

A crochet hook or macramé ring in the right size for each project, made of wood

For other information or requests

Visit MYO on instagram or send an email to hello@makeyourown.se

Instagram: @makeyourown