MYO's garnbutik

Modern craftsmanship with sustainable materials

MYO Make Your Own was started in the spring of 2020 with a simple idea; to make crafts sustainable and more accessible to anyone who wants to learn to create. In MYO's new yarn store you will find, among other things, bamboo yarn for various small projects as well as 80% recycled cotton yarn for crochet and macrame. These are made from leftovers from clothing production in Italy, and get their colors from the fiber pulp that is mixed together - meaning they are not dyed or processed afterwards.

Yarn for crocheting


EKO Froté - for soft, crocheted rugs

A unique yarn that is excellent for both crocheting and knitting rugs and towels. EKO Froté has become a favorite with many of our customers, which is not at all strange - the yarn is fantastic to handle and you easily get great results.

Yarn for macrame


EKO Single twisted 4mm - soft yarn that can be frayed

A versatile macramé yarn that can be fringed, for wall hangings or smaller jobs. Can also be used for crocheting!

Other accessories

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