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Feel the joy of creating

To learn handicrafts is easy and fun with our DIY kits that have been designed for beginners. With our DIY kits, you'll get an easy start and can create your first product in less than ten hours.

Learn to crochet

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Crochet baskets - perfect for storage

You can never have too many crocheted baskets. These baskets only take a few hours to make and are therefore a perfect first project when learning to crochet. Get started with our DIY kit that includes everything you need for your first basket!

Learn macramé

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Macramé knotted ampoules

Tying hanging baskets is ideal for those who are new to macramé. The hanging baskets can be made with different variations, sizes and colors - so that they fit perfectly in your kitchen or conservatory! With our DIY kit, you can easily get started with your first hanging basket and then continue on your own.

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