DIY kits & durable yarns

Beginner or already a pro at creating?

Below you see our entire range of DIY kits and yarns for crochet and macramé. If you have never crocheted or made macrame before, we recommend starting with a DIY kit that includes written instructions for your product but also videos on YouTube.


If you are already working on your creation, just scroll down and look at yarns and accessories where there are more colors and sizes of the same yarn that we use in our DIY kits.


Happy creating!

Nya produktinstruktioner på YouTube

Vissa projekt kräver lite mer garn än vad vi kan få med i ett DIY-kit. Därför har vi även börjat göra enkla videoinstruktioner till Youtube; det enda du behöver är att köpa rätt garn med tillhörande virknål. Se inspiration nedan!

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